1. The private enforcement agent may deliver the pledged property under art. 521 of Civil Procedure Code, as well as to sell the pledged property under the Special Pledges Act or under the Civil Procedure Code.

2. In case performing the sale under Special Pledges Act , the private enforcement agent has the rights and obligations of a depository, as the distribution is brought and is liable to appeal under art.462 and art.463 of Civil Procedure Code.

3. In its activity and conduct the private enforcement agent is led by the principles of integrity and honesty, impartiality and equal treatment towards participants in the enforcement proceedings, keeping the professional secret and independence.

4. The private enforcement agent is independent and while performing its functions only obeys the law. Its official archive is inviolable and no one is entitled to access it without the private enforcement agent’s consent, except in cases provided by law.

5. The private enforcement agent is obliged to keep in professional secrecy the circumstances it has become aware of in relation with its duties, and is not allowed to use them for its or another’s benefit.

6. The private enforcement agent manages and disposes with the funds of debtors on the special account so as the monetary funds may not be garnished for debts of the private enforcement agent.

7. The private enforcement agent is to insure itself for the time operating, against the damages that may occur as a consequence of culpable non-fulfillment of its duties.